Monday, February 4, 2013

Life is good

Finally things are going well for us and it seems as things are in the upswing for us. Brad is working at servpro full-time and enjoying his work which I am very happy about because it makes him a much happier person at home. I am back to just selling Pampered Chef and being a stay at home mom. I enjoy it more because I am free to work my Pampered Chef when needed and I am available when needed for Dre or Brad. I am working on a cleaning schedule and getting myself on a schedule at home so I actually get work done around the house. I'm watching a sweet three year old this week and today was fun with him. Next week is Mardi Gras so Dre is out of school Mon-Wed. I'm starting to sign up for freebies in the mail and lots of giveaways. Right now it's hard to get on the computer too much but hoping to change that shortly. It will be easier to update here as I can use my Kindle Fire to do it.