Saturday, August 25, 2012


Last night my husband, son and I went up to our church and helped them paint the gym. Well Dre played more than helped. And we were there until about 11pm and then today we went and helped the new youth minister to move into his new house. It's been a lot of work this weekend but there is definitely a feeling of community and accomplishment going on. Tomorrow we plan on actually going to our first service there. I have been an Awana leader with them for two years but haven't made it to one of their services for one reason or another and I feel that Brad and I are ready for a church home. I am getting a night off to go out with a good friend and let off a little steam and it is very needed. I thank my wonderful husband for him allowing me to go use my groupon that a good friend gave me for my birthday. I hope to post my first review tomorrow. I just wanted to stop by and catch up and let everyone know I haven't left you yet :).

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