Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tide Pods Review

Tide Pods have the detergent, stain remover and brightener all in their innovative, multi-chambered design that separates them until they are in the washer for outstanding cleaning power. It dissolves quickly in front and top load machines and they are available in three scents: Spring Meadow, Ocean Mist and Mystic Forest.  You can find them at your local grocery store and of course all the major stores. Their website is

 I noticed my Mother-in-law was using Tide Pods at her house and she said she liked them so I decided I would try them as well. I bought a small pack (16 ct) of the Mystic Forest at Target after we ran out of our bottle of Gain. The first thing I really liked about them was of course the pod. I didn't have to measure out the liquid, and spill it all over my hand as I usually did. I just opened the bag and grabbed a pod and throw it in my washer before loading it.
I was pleasantly surprised when my first load finished. It came out clean and soft and the smell lasted a long time on our clothes, which we really like. I love how easy it is to do a quick load of laundry, I don't have bottles of detergent and liquid fabric softener sitting out and the best part for me is I know exactly how many loads of laundry I have left before having to get more detergent. If I have 3 or 4 pods left I need to go to the store soon to get more! I used to hate going to do a load of laundry and realizing I had no detergent left. I was very cautious to try them after seeing them on tv but am super happy I did.

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