Sunday, September 2, 2012

Post Isaac

Well we made it through Isaac safely. We were very lucky and didn't lose power through the storm, well Wednesday morning we did for about 7 minutes but it came back on and stayed on. We did have some damage to our roof and lost about a 6 ft section of the coupling that was in the center of our roof. Our apartment maintenance came out and fixed it yesterday I think but they are going to have to replace/repair our bathroom ceiling and we have some water damage in our master bath and most likely in our spare closet. But over all very little damage and nothing compared to what most people have. One of Brad's former co-workers had a tree crash into her house and probably has a total loss on that and there is a lot of flooding East of us. We are praying for everyone and hope that their lives can get back to as normal as possible very soon. In just a little bit Brad and I are going back to church and helping them clean up from a tree that fell and damaged a part of the cemetery as well as a neighbors fence and yard. The thing I love about the locals here in Louisiana is that after/during a large storm neighbors come together and help each other. When Brad and I got out Thursday after the storm you could see people all around getting out of their houses and cleaning up their yards and helping their neighbors. My in-laws lost power and after Hurricane Gustav they got a generator and when we pulled up they had a line going to their neighbors to power their fridge/freezer so they wouldn't lose all their food. You just don't see that everywhere like you do here. Yes we have big storms but we get out and clean up and rebuild quickly. Well as promised I have my first review ready and will be posting it next!

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